Assure – Reducing Risk for Developers

Reducing Risk & Improving Success for Developers

The rules keep changing. Land is at a premium and development is being pushed to the edges of our cities. It is becoming harder and harder to get approvals for the projects that we know that our communities want and that people are crying out for. And we’ve just found out that Brisbane is the most expensive city in Australia in which to develop.

And that all means a greater risk profile for any development project. When margins are tight, and costs are high, you cannot afford to uncover the unknown, because the unknown is never fun, it is never cheap and it can make or break for any project.

That’s why we have developed Assure, the simple way to uncover the risks associated with a development.

Introducing Assure, the simple way to reduce the risks associated with a development.

Assure is Inertia’s due diligence and risk reporting service, providing an indispensable assessment of any development site, helping you to have greater confidence, surety and certainty about your decision to take a development project from concept to reality.

To create your project’s Assure report, our engineers will quickly assess a potential development site, analysing Zoning, Water, Sewer, Site Access, Flood, Stormwater, Telecommunications & Electrical and Environmental factors, to provide you with a clear understanding of the risks and opportunities a site offers.

The decision to progress a development is one that needs the best insights and objective analysis, making Assure an essential part of the due diligence process of any development.

Assure will give your project the best chance of success.

Assure includes:

Full analysis of;

– Zoning
– Water
– Sewer
– Site Access
– Flood
– Stormwater and Environment
– Telecommunications & Electrical
– Easy to understand traffic light reporting
– Clear recommendations
– Identified next steps

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Assure in Practice

Assure has been developed as a result of our track record of achieving outstanding results for developers and their projects, even in the most complex of sites and challenging of approval processes.

As a result of our in-depth due diligence work, we were able to commence work on the subdivision of Thrive at 307 Old Gympie Road, Dakabin for Unison Projects.

Inertia have successfully managed the design through approvals with Moreton Bay Regional Council and Unitywater, and while the design was not without its challenges, the team took advantage of running a full tender process in parallel to the detailed Assure process and design & construction documentation phases in order to accelerate the project’s timeline.

As a result, we successfully negotiated and awarded the construction contract to the team at DAC Constructions, who formally began mobilising to site at the start of April, right on schedule. DAC has now finished clearing works (while relocating any Fauna) and are now moving into bulk earthworks across the site.

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