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Tenth Time Lucky or First Time Right?

At Inertia we love a challenge.

And our friends at The Westpoint Auto Group and Ecco Developments recently asked us to do the seemingly impossible and obtain Development Approval for their new service centre in Jindalee.

With the site located in a citywide waterway corridor, prone to deep flooding from the Brisbane River and its current assess permissions removed given its closeness to a Centenary Motorway off-ramp, it was of little surprise that the previous nine development applications had failed to meet the criteria for approval.

Enter Inertia and our team of flood and civil engineering experts.

Emma Clements, Water Principal, outlined how we took a complete approach to make sure progress could be achieved, “Thanks to Ecco developments for making a suspended building and new bridge design viable, we were able to use 2d flood modelling to demonstrate this innovative design would not cause any adverse flood impacts to its surroundings and minimise structural damage on site during and after a flood event.”

“By introducing a new access point over the local waterway we were able to develop a detailed emergency management plan that will maintain safety to people and avoid significant adverse effects on the natural environment”

“This approach meant that we were able to effectively consult with the local community and Brisbane City Council to demonstrate that using this site was viable, presented minimal risk and would mean that a derelict site could be used beneficially.”

“And that is one of the reasons we worked so hard to ensure that this site could be developed, the Westpoint Service Centre will see a local business grow, expand and employ people from the area.”

“To be able to succeed in our first attempt at securing approval for such a tough site is really pleasing and shows the capabilities that we have to deliver for our clients,” said Emma.

Inertia will now be working across the civil design documentation and construction supervision as this exciting project comes to life in Brisbane’s western suburbs.

We will keep you posted as the project comes to life.

Project Overview

Client: The Westpoint Auto Group via ECCO Developments

Architect: W.I.M Architects

Planner: Tam Dang – TD Planning

Location: 213 Sinnamon Road, Jindalee

Purpose: Relocation of Westpoint service centre from Toowong roundabout due to traffic congestion (access and egress) and Westpoint’s need for more space for future growth.

Services: Flood Reporting and analysis, civil design documentation and construction supervision.