‘The Inertians’ 2021

‘The Inertians’ are Inertia’s annual awards that recognise and reward Inertians who have gone above and beyond in their roles. […]

Engaging Communities

Often in life, arguments are won by those who shout the loudest, not necessarily those who are armed with facts […]

The Transport Connection

Critical to the success of any city and region’s growth is transport. The ability to seamlessly and efficiently move people […]

Emma turns 10!

One of our favourite Inertians reached the big decade milestone this week, the one and only Emma Clements. From admin […]

The Cost of Car Ownership

When we think of car ownership, we think of the usual suspects: Repayments Depreciation Fuel Insurance Servicing But what we […]

The Missing Middle

The missing middle, first christened over a decade ago by Daniel Parolek, a California architect and urban designer, the phrase […]

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