Our culture matters. It has since day one when Scott and Dave had the vision to create a place where people would enjoy coming to work, enjoy what they do, respect and trust the people they work with and the clients they work for.

But our culture doesn’t belong to Scott and Dave or our leadership team. It belongs to every Inertian because we are the ones who uphold our values and ensure we don’t lose sight of what we want Inertia to be. And that’s kind of cool.

We call it Strive to Thrive, and we use three pillars to ensure that every day every Inertian can support the things we care about, take care of ourselves and each other and develop our skills and careers.


It’s about togetherness, being social, supporting each other and our relationship with the greater public.

It includes:

Sporting events, Social events & Charity events


It’s about striving for better health, both physically and mentally.

It includes:

Health programs, Exercise opportunities & Recognition & appreciation


It’s about professional development, driven by the management team.

It includes:

Associate program, Mentoring program


Our culture is directly linked to our values, the principles that we all agree to. It's the DNA that binds every Inertian together.


We honour and inspire

We recognise each others efforts

We celebrate our achievements both big and small

We lead by example


We pull together

We share knowledge

We support innovative ideas

We work as part of the community


We are an open book

We take responsibility for our actions

We act with integrity

We communicate openly


We are an unstoppable unit

We are inclusive

We enjoy working together as a team

We are positive in our interactions with each other


We value all

We respect and celebrate each others differences

We trust each other

We treat people like we want to be treated