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Unlocking Success: An Urban Team Perspective

At Inertia Engineering, the heartbeat of our success lies within our exceptional teams. Here we take you behind the scenes to meet two remarkable individuals who provide unique insights into the dynamic world of the Urban Team, a dedicated division within the Land & Water Group, made up of talented civil engineers, designers and drafters. Meet our young and energetic Urban Team Lead, Adam, and our part-time professional and dedicated mum, Senior Civil Engineer, Casey.

Support and Growth: Nurturing Our Team

Inertia Engineering takes pride in offering opportunities to all in the team and celebrates the diverse range of ages and experience. We actively encourage team members to seek answers, share knowledge and upskill together. This collaborative approach empowers each person to overcome challenges, tackle complex projects and continuously improve.

Inertia’s Urban Team Lead, Adam says his approach to growth is structured: “We set realistic, achievable goals that we’re both accountable for and then we revisit those initial objectives to ensure we are still focusing on the bigger picture. It’s about giving people the opportunity to grow in areas they’re passionate about and enjoying the journey together.”

Casey, who has recently returned to the workforce, appreciates the internal focus on self-development and company culture,

“There is so much on offer and a highlight for me is the weekly Elevate sessions which are varied and engaging. Employee input is used towards improving systems and information is readily available and shared. I love that Inertia is transparent, offering a clear vision of what we are collectively striving for.”

Team Dynamics: Fostering Connectivity

Inertia Engineering’s commitment to fostering social connectivity, is at the heart of our team’s strength, creating an environment where every person feels heard and valued. Adam explains, “I prioritise starting each day with a team check-in, providing the time for open conversation and sharing personal updates.”

This daily ritual goes beyond a routine; it cultivates open communication and genuine connection. He adds, “I firmly believe that this practice sets the tone for our team’s success.”

To maintain clear and effective communication we hold a brief gathering in the boardroom each morning, lasting around 10-15 minutes. Adam shares, “During our Daily Lift-Off session, team members share their progress from the previous day, ensuring tasks are completed and we discuss what’s on the horizon. This allows us to promptly address any potential roadblocks, ensuring that everyone can proceed with their day uninterrupted.”

Additionally, monthly group meetings provide a platform for transparency regarding our team’s performance. These meetings are crucial for assessing our financial status over the past months and identifying areas for improvement, whether it’s enhancing our team dynamics or implementing system updates.

Casey loves the great office vibe at Inertia,

“All the staff are lovely and approachable, including the seniors and management. When you need someone for advice, nobody is off-limits, no matter their role or position.”

Project Diversity: No Two Days Alike

Adam embraces the diversity in projects here at Inertia Engineering. He explains, “One day I might be involved in intersection designs and later on the same day, my focus might shift to a commercial building project. I love that no two days are the same, along with the variety and unique challenges that each project presents; it offers an opportunity to contribute my knowledge and collaborate with our talented team.”

Recently, Adam had the privilege of being involved in every step of the process in a subdivision of 2 to 5 lots. Adam led the project for its entire lifecycle, from due diligence stage even before the client acquired the property, through to its successful completion. This allowed Adam to build strong relationships with both the project managers and the client. Reflecting on the whole experience, he adds “It fueled my determination to see the project succeed.”

Meanwhile, Casey has enjoyed working on some noteworthy projects herself and was delighted to reconnect with a past client from 2012. She shares, “The Bradman Street project at Acacia Ridge despite being a small industrial shed, revealed its fair share of complexities and unexpected finds on site.” Casey aligns with Adam’s enthusiasm for tackling projects that demand creative thinking to not only produce conventional designs but also deliver solutions that exceed all anticipated requirements. It’s about engineering something we can be truly proud of, while also ensuring the timeliness and budget are met.

Client Approach: Striving for Excellence

At Inertia Engineering, we involve our clients in our concept staging process, giving them the opportunity to gain insights into their development. Adam explains, “Our attention to detail shines through in critical areas like stormwater and flood strategies, as well as bulk earthworks. We understand that investing a little more time upfront can yield significant savings, not just during the detailed design phase but most crucially during construction. We recognize that once construction begins, every day counts, and that’s when costs can escalate.”

“By proactively identifying and implementing efficiencies, we help our clients minimize expenses and streamline their projects.”

Even when we join a project at a later stage, we make it a priority to conduct a thorough review of the previous work. This enables us to identify potential efficiencies and innovative solutions that we can explore in collaboration with our clients. Casey plays a crucial role in maintaining strong client relationships. She manages projects, assists in design and ensures open communication with clients, reflecting the Urban Team’s dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes for the client.

Inertia Engineering is more than a workplace; it’s a community of passionate professionals committed to excellence. Join our team and unlock your potential in an environment that fosters growth, values diversity, and celebrates success. Learn more about the exciting opportunities that await here.