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Inertia Engineering’s Greenfield Team Embrace Collaboration and Diversity

The success of the Greenfield team at Inertia, embodies the strength of collaboration and open communication. We caught up with Matt Llewelyn, Ryan Llewelyn and Daniela Carrasco, and they shared valuable insights into the unique company culture found at Inertia Engineering.

A Tight-Knit Collaborative Environment

Inertia’s Senior Engineer, Matt Llewelyn, underscores the advantages of a company that remains committed to preserving the intimate, personalised consultancy atmosphere, even as it expands. Matt shares, “I really appreciate the tight-knit collaboration that defines our team; it’s a core element found across the company, distinguishing Inertia Engineering within the industry.”

This sentiment is echoed by Ryan, the Greenfield Team Lead, who emphasised the team’s culture of openness. At Inertia Engineering, the physical floorplan reflects their commitment to transparency and collaboration. “Together we work in an open office where everyone, from the Managing Director to each team member, shares a single open floorplan workspace,” Ryan explained. This open culture extends to project discussions, feedback, and adapting quickly to challenges.

Dani, a graduate civil engineer, appreciates the diverse perspectives within the team. Sitting next to a senior engineer, a senior designer, and a drafter, she is exposed to various project stages and viewpoints. “I appreciate being part of a tight-knit team that fosters open communication and encourages feedback within our group,” Dani noted.

This emphasis on close collaboration not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also amplifies the team’s collective capabilities, making Inertia Engineering a standout choice for engineers seeking a more personal and collaborative work environment.

Committed to Delivering Excellence for Clients

The Greenfield Team’s commitment to collaboration extends to their client relationships. Ryan explained their approach, “I think it’s about mutual understanding and optimising our collective strengths; this begins with clear communication up front.” By understanding each team member’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal drivers, they formulate a plan tailored to each project. This approach ensures that they deliver results that meet or exceed client expectations. They also emphasise regular check-ins throughout the project, allowing them to address any pressure points and ensure smooth progress toward their client’s goals.

Flagship Projects: Challenging and Rewarding

One of the standout projects for the Greenfield Team is the Beachside development at Hervey Bay. Ryan described it as an exciting project that presents a great opportunity to build a strong long-term client relationship. It is a beachfront master planned community spanning 260 hectares. Unlocking the site’s potential involved addressing significant challenges including a significant flood study, master sewer and water servicing strategies and major road infrastructure upgrades. This project showcases the team’s ability to bring together a wide range of skillsets to achieve exceptional results.

In addition to their flagship projects, the Greenfield Team takes pride in their ability to tackle unique challenges. Matt highlighted ‘The Avenues’, a rural residential project, nestled in the remote landscape of Stanthorpe, “While this development is geographically isolated, it presented an array of complexities that demanded an elevated level of collaboration.” Matt continues to explain, “This project required not only technical expertise but more importantly effective communication and coordination with both the client and the contractor during construction.” The team’s precise project management approach showcased the high level of service that Inertia is renowned for, with an innovative approach to overcoming the hurdles of remote projects. This ensured that everyone involved was on the same page, even when miles apart.

Inertia Engineering’s Greenfield Team is a testament to the power of collaboration, diversity, and open communication. If you’re an engineer looking to work in a stimulating, close-knit environment where you can make a real impact on exciting projects, we want to hear from you! Learn more about our exciting opportunities here.