Taking Existing Building To New Heights

There is an increasing trend in building design to add floors to existing structures providing a new lease of life […]

Urgent Update  – Proposed National Construction Code Changes

As you may be aware changes have been proposed to the National Construction Code that, when adopted, will impact on […]

Proud to be YIMBYs in Albion

At Inertia we are pro development. Actually, that is not quite true. We are pro good development. We support development […]

Development on the Edges

Queensland, and particularly South East Queensland is experiencing a population boom. As our cities, towns and suburbs rapidly grow there […]

The Sun is Shining on the Coast

Sometimes it is hard to understand the scale of what is happening on our doorstep. In Brisbane we can get […]

Inertia Project Tops Sales Charts

Whatever the vagaries of the property market in Australia, one thing is always certain; quality will shine at auction time. […]

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