Mixed Use Assessment a Mixed Bag

Inertia’s Scott Clements attended the recent Property Council of Australia Retirement Living Breakfast: Creating a Community Though Co-location with Ben […]

Shaking Up the City Skyline

It’s impossible to look around Brisbane CBD and not to see change. Director, Scott Clements, attended Property Council of Australia’s […]

Get off the wheel and celebrate

In our world we can often feel like the poor old hamster. Our little legs pump away, and we spin […]

Tenth Time Lucky or First Time Right?

At Inertia we love a challenge. And our friends at The Westpoint Auto Group and Ecco Developments recently asked us […]

New Line Up For Growing Consultancy

Over the last 12 months we’ve gone through a fair bit of change at Inertia, as we have been fortunate […]

Planning Our City’s Future

Brisbane, we must have a conversation. It doesn’t have to be a tough one, but it must be an honest […]

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