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Engineering Interactive Cycing

When it comes to getting on our bikes, anyone who knows the team at Inertia understands that lycra, the river loop and hitting the trails are in our blood. So, we’ve been delighted to help create a new generation of interactive cycle ‘school’ parks in partnership with LAT27 for Transurban.

Being delivered as part of the Logan Enhancement Projects, two parks are being created, one in Brisbane and one in Logan, with the intention of providing safe environments for young riders to hone their skills and learn about cycling safety.

We are thrilled to see that both parks have recently officially opened. Transurban has shared the first glimpse of the finished product and it looking fantastic.

Each park is designed to resemble a real road, incorporating roundabouts, junctions, road signs, lane markings and speed limits, meaning that kids can learn about road rules and interpret them on a safe 200m asphalt path. To add to the effect, each park will contain iconic elements of the region into the design including bushland, suburbia, the city skyline, industrial / trade zones, the Brisbane and Logan rivers and the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges.

Inertia’s Daley Curran and Matthew Gibbs led the team providing structural and flood engineering support to the project “This is a fantastic project to be involved in, not only is it innovative in its approach to education, but the outcomes will include encouraging more kids to get on their bikes and to do so safely armed with an understanding on the rules of the road.”

“It is also a fantastic way for organisations like Transurban to create a long-term beneficial legacy for communities and I’m sure that most of Inertia’s parents will be taking their kids to explore the parks when construction is complete.”

For more information on the cycle parks, please see: