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Meet The Team – Aaron Knight, Senior Civil Engineer

When our newest Senior Civil Engineer Aaron Knight felt it was time for a sea-change, he hadn’t worked in an office environment for almost two years.

“When I applied for Inertia, I had done a little bit of work in Brisbane prior and was keen to move to some warmer weather after four years in Melbourne. I grew up in Tamworth before moving to Newcastle and was missing the heat from up North”

Aaron joined Inertia in October and worked remotely for the first few months, waiting patiently for the borders to open before hopping on the first flight to the sunshine state. His first day in the office and what happens? Everyone is working from home. Can’t catch a break!

“I’ve hardly had a face-to-face meeting for years down South, and now everything in Brisbane is on Teams. I just want to get around and shake some hands!”

Having worked mostly in the residential subdivision space over the past two years, Aaron was eager to jump back into the built environment side of things. Since joining Inertia he has been working across commercial, industrial, residential and education projects, where is enjoying the variety and the collaboration that is necessary amongst consultants to ensure a successful outcome for all.

Life beyond work?

“I enjoy getting out in nature, going for bushwalks and hikes. Mostly I just enjoy keeping active. You get pretty sick of lifting the same dumbbell for 6 months on end when in the never-ending lockdowns, so I’m happy those days are behind me. It’s also nice to get out and enjoy dates nights again after many nights enjoying UberEats and a bottle of red on the couch in Melbourne.”

Welcome to the team Aaron, thanks for sharing.