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Power of Engineering

What an amazing opportunity to be able to host Kenmore State High School students as an industry partner for QUT’s Power of Engineering program, on International Women in Engineering Day no less!

We kicked off the morning with a presentation on who we are, what we do and where we are heading. The girls enjoyed our walking tour along Coronation Drive bikeway viewing the Flood Gate and iconic Brisbane Bridges. It was encouraging to see so many enthusiastic and inspired girls interested in Engineering as a career option.

The girls also enjoyed breaking out with the opportunity to speak one on one with our engineers. To wrap up we discussed work culture, engineering life, exciting opportunities and finished off with questions.

Thank you to Kate HeliotisEmma ClementsPriscila Cezar, Callie Omlid, Ella CarterDaniela Nino CarrascoKate Betteridge and Scott Clements for taking the time to connect, inspire and relate to these girls.