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Inertia Town Hall Re-cap

On Friday, we gathered the Inertians for our first Town Hall! Conceived as a follow-up to Inertia Connect held in September, the Town Hall was our opportunity to discuss our vision and goals for the next decade collectively. Our leadership team outlined how, as an organisation, we aspire to be a business driven by the positive impact we make for the people, projects and communities we work with. It was a fantastic session as we shared ideas and explored our key pillars and tactics to help each of us achieve our shared goals.

“Sessions like this are vital to the successful culture we have built at Inertia and want to sustain into the future,” said Scott Clements. “We have an exciting future planned for the organisation and we are fortunate to be operating in exciting markets across Australia that are experiencing growth in projects and opportunities. We have a talented team who we value, so as a leadership team, it was vital for Emma, Dave, Sean, Josh, Ryan and Greg to provide the team with our thoughts on the future, our vision for what Inertia looks like in the next decade and to obtain feedback on the ideas presented and how they link back to the discussions we held at Inertia Connect.”

With a full house, the questions flowed thick and fast, with Inertia’s Emma Skea welcoming the chance to contribute to the organisation’s future vision, “Throughout my career, I have worked at some amazing organisations that live and breathe their culture and commit to positive communication with their people and for others who treat sessions like this as a ticking-the-box exercise, where visions, goals and opportunities are outlined and never followed through on. Inertia is different, responding honestly to questions about personal development, future office locations, migration support and future market sectors.  It was a great way to instil confidence in our future direction, the role we have to play and the opportunities we will be given to support our clients, their projects, ourselves and each other.”

Following the session, the team will review the feedback received before finalising and sharing the vision, values and goals for our organisation across its exciting future.