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Scott Clements’ Mid-Year Address

The end-of-financial year is always a strange time as one year ends and another starts, just without the fun, parties and fireworks of a new calendar year. It does, however, present a milestone in the business year to look at where we have been and where we are going.

The last 12 months has been a challenging one for the industry and Inertia has not been spared those challenges.  However, these challenges have also presented the impetus for the business to evolve and transform.  This commenced with the strategic plan creation and continued with a re-structure of the business to provide better reporting lines, improved clarity of career pathways and more efficient project delivery, and will continue as we work on our strategic pillars of Elevate, Flow, Connect, Fuel, Create and Impact.

We have also grown our team’s capabilities, bringing in expertise and knowledge across finance, operations, project support and engineering. At the same time, we have invested in our people, offering training and development opportunities as well as recognising outstanding team members with promotions and our annual awards. The result being a talented crew of which the leadership team and I are very proud, one that is diverse, with different perspectives and backgrounds, is highly capable, innovative, and creative, and, importantly, shares a common set of values and a passion for what we do.

At our core, we are supporting projects of increasing size, scale, and complexity; projects we have and will deliver with our own unique thinking, passion, and teamwork. From new opportunities in health, education and aged care, to increasingly complex and large civil and structural projects across subdivisions and high-rise developments.

And most importantly of all, it has been a lot of fun. From golf days to family fun days, from ping pong fundraisers to quiz nights, we have come together and fulfilled the vision we have to create a place where people enjoy coming to work, enjoy what they do, respect and trust the people they work with and the clients they work for.

Looking forward, I am excited about Inertia’s future. We have a great team, interesting projects to challenge us, and we are working hard to develop and improve every part of our business so that we can continue to do what we do well; bring our passion to our clients’ success.