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Igniting Innovation: 2023 Inertia Connect Unveils a Team Symphony

In a stimulating display of unity, innovation and camaraderie, the team came together for Inertia Connect on 10 August. This year’s annual event, held at the picturesque Old Museum, marked a milestone in fostering collaboration, creativity and the unbreakable bonds that define our organisation.

Inertia’s Director, Scott Clements emphasised the significance of Inertia Connect as he described it as an opportunity for the team to step away from the daily grind, connect on a deeper level in the atmosphere of unity, learning and artistic expression. This allowed Inertians to explore their strengths, personalities and values, all while stepping out of their comfort zones.

Scott shares, “Inertia Connect is all about bringing our team together, away from the office, discussing our organisation, our future and the plans that we have in place for Inertia and our Inertians. Days like this are really important to us; it is an opportunity for us to spend quality time together – something that often gets lost in the bustle of the day-to-day – to get to know each other’s strengths, personalities and values, and to be pushed outside our comfort zones, increasing our bonds as a team, meaning we can be more effective in support of each other, our partners, our clients and their projects.”

The event featured various workshops aimed at promoting teamwork, creativity and personal growth. Dr Cathryn Lloyd of Maverick Minds facilitated activites that encouraged Inertians to embrace self-expression and break free from their comfort zones. The events artworks, created by all and symbolizing the company’s values, will adorn the walls of Inertia HQ, and serve as a visual reminder of what it means to be an Inertian.

The highlight of the day was the instrumental symphony led by Simon Hewett and Davis Dingle, where participants showcased their orchestral techniques. This exercise emphasised communication and harmony, reflecting the values that Inertia Engineering holds dear. Musical connection underscored the importance of togetherness in creating a harmonious work environment. It highlighted the need for effective communication and the ability to adapt to the nonverbal cues of others, much like members of an orchestral ensemble.

Eliza Allard from The Content Lab captured the essence of Inertia Connect, capturing the vibrant and meaningful moments of the day. It was more than just a corporate event; it was a transformative experience that deepened bonds among team members and reinforced the company’s core values. It set the stage for a more productive and harmonious future at Inertia Engineering, where every Inertian strives for excellence while embracing their individuality.

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