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Scott Clements’ Vision: Unleashing the Potential of Brisbane

Inertia’s Managing Director, Scott Clements, a proud Brisbane boy, passionately advocates for Southeast Queensland as a global contender for the title of the most liveable place. In an engaging podcast interview with REDD, Scott shines a spotlight on the transformative potential of Olympic developments, not merely as a worldclass event but as a legacy that can shape the region’s destiny for a remarkable 50 years. With sincere concerns that this opportunity may not be fully realised, Scott brings attention to the real issues that are calling.

In this conversation, Scott explores his guiding principles for success, the imperative of fostering a broader perspective among engineers, and the pivotal role of self-promotion in the engineering domain. He navigates the landscape where artificial intelligence and the engineering industry intersect, offering insights for professionals and businesses navigating today’s tech-driven era.  If you are interested to hear about these issues further or learn more about both Scott and Inertia’s journey, check out the podcast below.