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The Take Off Podcast – Building an Engineering Consultancy to over 60 People Throughout Australia

Inertia’s Managing Director, Scott Clements, reflects on the early days of his career, in the latest episode of The Take Off. Stemming from humble beginnings in his first job working at a fish ‘n’ chip shop, and with a natural affinity for math and physics, encouraged by his father, Scott’s journey took flight. As a quiet graduate in a small firm, he honed his skills in workload management and client communication. Scott’s horizons expanded during his UK stint, where exposure to diverse projects inspired a love for the approach taken to large scale endeavours, and the multinational mix of people, which has since become the foundation of Inertia’s open and diverse culture.

In an engaging interview with Mick Donaghy, Scott shares his experience in fostering an environment conducive to growth. The podcast explores the company’s ethos, values, and diverse projects, ranging from infrastructure to social housing. With a team of 60+ employees, Scott highlights the importance of aligning values and culture. Success, for him, is defined at a team level, emphasising collaboration, clear vision, and supporting people to achieve their best. Join Scott on this insightful journey that unveils the makings of a leader and the story behind Inertia’s success.