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Emma’s Trek for Change – Hike for Homeless Youths

On Friday 19th April 2024, Inertia’s Emma Clements is hitting the road to embark on a trek in the Scenic Rim, to raise awareness and much needed funds for the 120,000 young Australians who are without a safe and secure place to sleep. As one of 20 inspirational leaders taking strides to make a difference, we caught up with Emma to hear her thoughts on this crucial cause:

Tell us about the initiative – The Hike for Homeless Youth, organised by the Property Industry Foundation in collaboration with Inspired Adventures, aims to raise funds in constructing homes for homeless youth and offering ongoing support, enabling young people to rebuild their lives.

Why does it matter to you? – Every year, I see more people without homes. The cost of living keeps going up, and it’s harder to find affordable places to live. This makes things even tougher for young people. Being a mother of three young boys, they will be embarking out into the big world themselves and I worry about what the future holds for them.

What kind of training and wellbeing checks will you do to prepare for the hike? – My fellow team members are hitting the trails of Mt Coot-Tha later this month and I hope we’ll make this a regular training session to prepare us for the big hike in late April.

How do you think your background in engineering uniquely positions you to contribute to social and affordable housing initiatives?Given my background in civil engineering, I am driven to utilise my knowledge and skills to make a meaningful contribution to social and affordable housing initiatives. Instead of merely observing, I am motivated to take action and contribute to the design and construction of homes that are desperately needed.

For those inspired by your story and the Property Leaders Hike for Homeless Youth, what actions or support would you encourage them to take to contribute to the cause of affordable housing? – If you’re feeling disheartened by the growing number of homeless youths, I urge you to take action to support this essential human right. As these challenges intensify, it’s vital to lay the groundwork now, benefiting not just the current generation but also future ones. Click the link and donate to my team. Every penny counts, and remember, it’s going towards such a worthwhile cause.

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