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Social & Affordable Housing: A Collaborative Conversation

Inertia recently hosted an event with a central focus on the crucial issue of social and affordable housing. Keynote speakers included Elizabeth Kelso from Brisbane Housing Company, Chris Meadmore from Elevate Residential, Architect Anna O’Gorman, and Emma Clements from Inertia. Each speaker offered valuable insights into their respective work, personal passions, involvement in this field, and suggestions for contributing to social and affordable housing initiatives.

The discussion revolved around several key points:

    • Changing perceptions surrounding social housing, eliminating stigma, and advocating for a perspective that recognizes safe housing as essential and accessible for everyone.
    • Exploring strategies to unlock more suitable land for the development of social and affordable housing.
    • Devising strategic housing solutions tailored to the needs of different communities.
    • Identifying potential changes or triggers that could be implemented to better align housing supply with demand.

Attendees were introduced to Elevate Residential, a ‘profit for purpose’ real estate agency affiliated with BHC, which provides essential funding to support projects within the social and affordable housing sector, including initiatives such as Project 55, aimed at housing older women in need. Individuals interested in contributing through investment properties are encouraged to explore Project 55 or visit the Elevate Residential website for more information.

Anna O’Gorman provided insight from an architect’s perspective, emphasizing the impact of design on both residents and passersby in the community. “During site visits towards the project’s completion, I encountered people walking their dogs who stopped to chat with me. When I mentioned that it was social housing, they couldn’t believe it. It felt like I had achieved my goal.”

Inertia takes pride in its involvement in two ongoing Brisbane Housing Company projects located at Ethel Street, Chermside, and Sutton Street, Redcliffe. The Ethel Street development aims to deliver 34 new one and two-bedroom social and affordable homes, while the Sutton Street project focuses on delivering 82 one-bedroom social and affordable homes for seniors. Inertia also provides opportunities for all employees make their own impact and contribute through pro bono engineering services. Presently Inertia is supporting a partnership with Property Industry Foundation and the Lady Musgrave Trust to design and construct a 4-unit accommodation hub for at-risk young mothers and their children. This presents an opportunity for all Inertian’s to support a meaningful initiative in a significant manner.

By fostering dialogue, exploring innovative solutions, and actively engaging in impactful projects, we aim to make a real difference in people’s lives. We invite continued support and collaboration as we work towards a future where safe and affordable housing is accessible to all.