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QMCA & NAWIC International Women in Engineering Breakfast

We are honoured to have had Emma Clements and Kate Heliotis representing us at this fantastic International Women in Engineering Day event on Friday. Thank you to QMCA and NAWIC for inviting Inertia to recognise and celebrate the women in our industry.

Here’s what Kate had to say about the event.

Emma Clements and I had the privilege of representing Inertia Engineering at an event hosted by QMCA and NAWIC in recognition of International Women in Engineering Day. We were blessed to hear from three incredible speakers who shared their journeys and insights from their career experiences. The key messages conveyed were powerful reminders of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the engineering profession.

This event was especially warming for me to attend as I knew one of the speakers… firstly as someone I looked up to in my youth, now someone I look up to as a leader in our professional field. Sascha Kurz absolutely delivered with her presentation and shared her experiences with so much authenticity and humility. Her genuine passion combined with her professional achievements left me feeling very honoured to be there. Sascha, you’re an inspiration! 🙏🏼

Events like these reaffirm the importance of coming together to share knowledge, support one another, and foster a community that champions women who are kicking goals. It’s safe to say I left the event with an extra ‘pep in my step’ from the positive influence and enlightenment. Thank you also to Lydia Gentle OAM and Sally Stannard for your inspiring presentations as well!

This all wouldn’t have been possible without the wonderful James Flaherty from Social Beast… thank you for your generosity in providing our tickets to this inspiring event.