Completion DateIn Construction

ClientAura Holdings & Hutchinson Builders

DescriptionThree Seniors Living Towers

Category Seniors Living

Kingsford Terrace Retirement Community

Kingsford Terrace is a retirement community with multiple buildings connected via large-scale common areas with landscaped green spaces and interaction zones, all suspended over a basement carpark. Inertia provided structural engineering services for the two new aged care buildings to complement the existing Dupforth building.

With any multi-stage project, careful consideration of interfaces and connections to existing structures is paramount to the success of a project. Inertia worked with project stakeholders to ensure that abortive work was avoided, ensuring that the engineering design complemented the construction, dwelling sale programs and provisions for future stages, seamlessly integrated into new buildings. This prevented the need of doubling up on structures.

On the back of the success of both Francis and Lingrove buildings, Inertia is pleased to be working with the same client on the adjoining Taylor building, hoping to be started on site in mid-2022.

Renders – O’Neill Architecture


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