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Good Project Management will save you time and money

Combining structural, civil and flood engineering with project management in-house allows us to clearly understand where and how significant savings can be implemented into a project without sacrificing the end result.

We recently project managed a multi-residential unit complex, from land acquisition through to completion.

The 63-unit project faced a number of challenges, including requiring adjoining landowners’ consent for ground anchors. We successfully negotiated consent (on behalf of the developer) from both adjoining landowners and body corporates at no cost. This improved the efficiency of the basement retention design and led to significant cost savings for the client.

We were also able to save significant costs by overcoming road widening challenges. Through our knowledge of town planning codes and local developments, we saved the project’s developer over $200k by overturning the need for road widening and associated service relocations conditioned by the Brisbane City Council.

We suggested changing 10 one-bedroom units to 2-bedroom units through the clever re-design of room configurations. This increased the gross revenue of the project without impacting greatly on the building cost.

We love working with developers to maximise their yield and reach the best possible result, while working within their set time and cost restraints.