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Construction started on Cannon Hill Town Home Project

Inertia has partnered with Lennium Group for the engineering design and construction of a 40 unit boutique townhouse development in Cannon Hill.  The development presented a number of engineering challenges such as a sloping block requiring multiple retaining walls and the development of stormwater treatment devices.

The project also faced challenging Council Conditions outside of our scope, including but not limited to; high-risk fauna management, development of a major construction management plan, and arboricultural and vegetation management plans.  To support our client and other project partners with managing these Conditions our team developed a Development Approval (DA) matrix.  The matrix outlined the requirements, deliverables and timeframes for each condition making coordination and submission as smooth as possible.

We are happy to report that the OPW approval encountered no Requests For Information (RFI) which expedited the approval process.

The development has now entered the construction phase and we are providing construction coordination between the developer, the builder and local authorities through pre-start meeting and routine site inspections as well as any changes in design required to suit the existing site conditions.

Our DA matrix will also continue to be used as a reference for ensuring a smooth transition from the construction stage to final plan sealing and turn key dates.

This is one of a number of extra services we can offer on unique and more challenging projects.   Contact us to find out how we can make your project a success!

For more info on the project, please visit Lennium’s website –