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BBQs Galore!

The annual Inertian tradition of team BBQs is in full swing heading into summer!  So far we’ve been treated to burgers by the Worcestershire Warriors, pizza by Pizzageddon, lamb by Jimmy and the Brew-tang Clan and chicken from Meales on Beales.  Team Pizzageddon is currently in the top spot of the Leaderboard with a score of 13.45 / 15 (we are engineers so decimal points need to come into it at some point!).

Teams were chosen out of a hat and the ingredients to be used were as well, creating a dynamic and challenging social event!  Each team is judged by their fellow Masterchefs on Originality, Taste and the Inertia Factor!  Unfortunately, judges can be a bit harsh, as one team found out when warm beer and passion pop was served, leading to them being served!  All in good fun and we are looking forward to what our following teams will be bringing to the table!