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Planning Our City’s Future

Brisbane, we must have a conversation.

It doesn’t have to be a tough one, but it must be an honest one.

And it is one that starts with this question: What sort of city do we want to live in, in 10, 20 and 50 years time?

Because unless we have that conversation now and collaboratively work through the answers, we will end up living in a city that we don’t want.

Why? Because like it or not Brisbane is growing, and we need to make sure that it grows in the right way.  According to Brisbane City Council, Brisbane’s population will reach 1,272,272 by 2031, an increase of over 14% and that begs the question, how can we plan our city to cope with citizens’ needs across accommodation, transport and services?

Well, one answer is to change our mindset around development and density.

At Inertia we are pro-development. But like everyone else we must live in our city too, so we want to make sure that our city remains liveable, commutable, green, clean and safe. That means looking at sustainable planning and development that enables progress but encourages appropriate development.

Brisbane City Council recently released 8 principles that will guide the city’s future development. And whilst I believe that the principles are well founded and intentioned, there does seem to be some conflict and confusion across the 8, particularly in relation to how we meet the future housing needs of our growing population.

Sadly, some of the development principles appear to be stuck in the mindset of the NIMBY, when maybe we should be a little more YIMBY?

We have one chance to plan our city and we seem to be very much at a crossroads.

It is time to talk about how we take the right way forward enabling us to live in a city that is well designed, sustainable, innovative and meets the ongoing needs of our growing population and community.

Originating in New York in 2011, YIMBYism is an initiative to discuss, document and promote good development – development that enhances a city and improves livability for all citizens.

YIMBY Queensland is headed up by Natalie Rayment, a passionate advocate for positive development in Brisbane and across the state. In Natalie’s words, we need to move a from a culture of no to a culture where we explore possibilities.

“The YIMBY – Yes in my back yard – movement aims to counter the often negative and
somewhat relentless NIMBYism that exists within our local communities and continues to
unreasonably influence development outcomes.

Planning frameworks influenced by the power and pervasiveness of NIMBYism is often
discouraging of developments that seek to best provide for housing, jobs, lifestyle precincts
and the associated community benefits we all have come to expect.”

So, as we look at planning the future of the city we call home, maybe we should all commit to integrating the principles of YIMBYism into development thinking? Let us have a positive and proactive approach to development rather than simply allowing the vocal NIMBY attitudes to shut down projects that would enable us to meet the future needs of Brisbane.

Read more about YIMBY Queensland at

Scott Clements, Managing Director.