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Inertia Project Tops Sales Charts

Whatever the vagaries of the property market in Australia, one thing is always certain; quality will shine at auction time. We were delighted to hear that one of our projects, 106-110 Virginia Ave, Hawthorne, topped the 2018 Brisbane sales charts, going under the hammer at $11,128,000. Sold by Ray White East Brisbane, this 5 bed, 6 bath home is one of the best in the city and was constructed in 2014 with Inertia providing engineering services through the site assessment, design and construction phases of the project.

Managing Director, Scott Clements, led the project “Virginia Avenue was a fantastic project to work on. At Inertia we love collaborating with architects and developers to make sure that their vision can be realised and we have a team committed to engineering solutions that don’t compromise on design.”

“It was a challenging project as there were a number of factors at play. The site is right on the river and from a structural perspective this always brings challenges into play as a result of building so close to a major waterway.”

“We had to assess the existing structure for demolition to ensure there were no adverse effects on surrounding properties and to retain as much of the inground structure as possible to minimise unnecessary costs. It was also essential that we made sure that demolition was carried out in a way that made us good neighbours. The last thing any client would want moving into their new multi-million dollar home would be to have had issues between neighbours and contractors during construction.”

“From a design perspective the architects presented us with some challenges – the sort that we love – and it was up to us to solve them. A real feature of the house is its open spaces. There are large spans, up to 15m, lots of glass, bi-fold doors and large double story voids to take advantage of natural light. This meant that we had to engineer the structure in a way as to not be reliant on traditional features that would impact on the design, so much of the structural underpinnings are hidden within the floor plane and the limited wall space. The easy option would have been to use columns, but easy options don’t bring architectural vison to life and create stunning homes.”

And it wasn’t just the interior that required Inertia’s multi-disciplinary approach, with extensive work being undertaken to ensure the resort style facilities could be constructed.

“When designing the two pools and tennis courts there was the challenge of working with a sloping site leading down to a river. One of the pools hangs over the bank and in order to provide an infinity edge we undertook detailed analysis of the groundwork and foundations to ensure that they could bear the weight of the pool.”

“As engineers we never design with the sale price of a property in mind, we design to help the client achieve their outcomes. The valuation and desirability of a project is up to the market, but it is always pleasing to see something your have worked on making headlines for all the right reasons.”

Over the last few years Inertia’s housing team have worked on projects of all scales and sizes and have won prestigious awards across Queensland with our partners.

“We love working on interesting projects and have built a reputation for working collaboratively to create stunning properties which are helping to redefine what is possible with home design. From creating modern urban dwellings on small city blocks to reimagining existing properties, our housing team is always willing to go the extra mile to get the best outcomes for a project and in 2019 we are looking forward to working to help build more dream homes.”

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Photo Credit: Ray White East Brisbane