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Inertia Trivia Cup 2019!

Inertia’s super hard Trivia Challenge returned for 2019!  Our quizmaster and Business Manager, Jason, dug deep into his vast knowledge of random things to come up with questions that stumped all generations!  This year featured a few donut rounds (scoring 0 in a round), dubious scorekeeping, freely given half-points, too many questions on 80s and 90s culture for our millennial staff’s liking, and the eternal question of how long would you have to yell to produce enough sound energy to heat a cup of coffee?

Congrats to team As Seen on TV, featuring our TV star Director – Dave Kelly, on their triumphant victory!  The cup(s) yours!

Thanks to all our Inertians in making this a great event!   Here’s your scorecard for those playing at home.