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Subdivision Specialist Joins Civil Team

Jared Skinner joins the team as a Civil Designer and will focus on multi-unit sub-divisions, an area in which we are experiencing significant growth and success. With a background in Civil (greenfield residential subdivisions, inner-city mixed developments), Structural, Quarry/Mining, Waste Management Facilities, Water Quality (Dam/Embankments/Basins), Jared has the experience and knowledge to help our clients’ to achieve project success on even the most challenging sites.

Civil Principal, Calvin Kirk, welcomed Jared to the team “Our civil work, particularly in subdivisions is going from strength to strength on the back of some fantastic successes in obtaining approvals and delivering innovative solutions for our clients, on some particularly interesting sites.”

“Jared’s experience, coupled with his proven technical and 3D visualisation skills, will bring great benefits to our projects and perfectly compliments the skills that exist within the Civil team.”

Before Joining Inertia, Jared was Lead draftsman for 17 stages of residential township development in Hervey Bay. He was responsible for the concept design & planning documentation for solutions relating to the pre-feasibility study of the upgrade of the road corridor, including horizontal and vertical design service relocations and land resumptions.  

Impressed by the scale of Inertia’s civil work, Jared highlighted why he joined the team “joining Inertia is a great opportunity. Over the next few months we are working on some significant land sub-divisions comprising over 300 lots across several large sites and to be able to work on projects of this scope and scale is a fantastic next step in my career.”