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Townhouse And Subdivision Overview

It is fair to say that our Civil Team are firing on all cylinders at the moment as they work on a diverse range of projects from industrial subdivision and road infrastructure in Western Australia to complex development applications in Moreton Bay region. But what is keeping the team out of mischief, are significant residential subdivision projects in and around Greater Brisbane.

Civil Principal, Calvin Kirk, took us through some of the projects that are currently in development “It is an unbelievable busy time for the team as we bring a large range of projects to life across the region, for a mixture of new and existing clients.”

“We currently have a number of significant land development projects at varying stages, comprising over 500 individual housing lots, associated infrastructure, services and earthworks. We consistently work on 1 into 2 or 3 lots plus unit style developments however we are continuously increasing our portfolio in the larger scale of land development work. This is something that I’m immensely proud of noting. No two projects are ever the same, from a boutique executive development of 11 blocks appropriately called ‘Nature’s Edge’ in The Gap to a development of 38 blocks ranging in size from 375m2 to 752m2 in Dakabin, the variety of work and challenges each site brings is keeping us on our toes. It means that we are at our most creative while endeavouring to maintain top quality design packages with prompt response and turnaround times”

The team has also enjoyed some significant successes, with Thrive at Old Gympie Rd being delivered on time and on budget and a complex DA for Stanworth Road, 82 lots in Boondall.


“The site at Stanworth Road also presented numerous design challenges through its complexity and proximity to a Queensland Rail corridor and as such required a significant level of work to ensure any development approval had a chance to succeed. Admittedly the project was touch and go while we were working through DA to ensure the project costs didn’t outweigh the feasibility”

“You can never guarantee success with a DA. You can put forward your best case and try to alleviate any potential concerns by showing how you are complying with regulations and have solid evidence to back up your assertions.”

“We are delighted to say that we received OPW approval for the development with no RFIs from the council. On such a complex site, this is a huge achievement and saved significant time, resources and costs in the development process. To receive an OPW in such a way is a testament to the hard work that our team undertakes when working on a complex project.”

Some of the more notable land development projects the Civil Team are currently working on include:

  • Redhead Street, Doolandella, 80 titles for Wucon
  • Nemies Road, Runcorn, 32 lots for Lennium Group
  • Waterworks Rd, The Gap, 11 titles for Adpen
  • Handford Road, Taigum, 102 titles for Heran Building Group
  • Stanworth Road, Boondall, 82 titles for Heran Building Group
  • Old Gympie Road, Dakabin, 38 Lots for Unison Projects
  • Seidofsky Street, Redbank Plains, 13 Lots for Aus Silverland
  • Kinsellas Road West, Mango Hill, 13 Lots for Living Sanctuary Property

Inertia’s team are well placed to work on more projects having just appointed 3D modelling expert,  Jared Skinner to the team as a Civil Designer. Jared will focus on multi-unit sub-divisions, an area in which we are experiencing significant growth and success. With a background in Civil (greenfield residential subdivisions, inner-city mixed developments), Structural, Quarry/Mining, Waste Management Facilities, Water Quality (Dam/Embankments/Basins), Jared has the experience and knowledge to help out clients’ to achieve project success on even the most challenging sites.

Jared’s skills complement the Civil, team, whose members include experienced engineers, designers and site representatives, Daley Curran, Issac Ernst, Nathan Green, Dan Gibson, Sarfaraaz Sacur, Hannah Qiao and Mick Briais under the leadership of Calvin Kirk