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Inertia’s Golf Day Comes to the…Fore!!  

They say that the worst day’s golf is better than the best day at work, so to put that theory to the test our cultural committee organised 9 holes at Victoria Park for our inaugural golf day.

If the one thing you know about Inertia by now, it is that we really get into – sorry for the terrible pun – the swing of things and with golfers known for their unique sense of fashion, the team really came to the fore  – look it is an article about golf, you are going to have to get used to the terrible jokes.

Dave and Daley would have put the late great Payne Stewart to shame as they tore up the course in matching bright red shirts. Would their sense of style be reflected in their play? A sense of style didn’t help Jared who dressed better than he played, but Kurt let his golf do the talking as his fashion sense to a back seat took his strokeplay.

Dan Gibson, took an unusual approach to navigate the course. As a motorcyclist he is used to only going forwards, so a golf cart presented an opportunity to see the world in a different was as he navigated Vic Parks winding fairways and steep hills in reverse. He needed the practice.

And in true golfing style, the person who ‘has never played golf before’ was a natural. Enter Bridgette, who would have put Karrie Webb to shame as she revealed herself as a natural pro, with her approach to the 6th being by far and away the shot of the day.

The winning team comprised of Scott Clements, Codey Stonier, Dan Gibson and Kurt Annand who were a cut above the rest, mixing solid stroke play with some smart tactical plans, the highlight of which was an early errant drive that almost took out Jordyn and Jason. Nothing like putting (sorry) the opposition on notice.

After 9 holes, some sweet strokes, perfect putts, wild hacks and trips to parts of the course a ball shouldn’t see, it was time for a few cold ones at the 19th hole.

Thanks to everyone who took part and the cultural committee for organising another great day.