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Scrap Metal Yard Upgrade Reduces Waste

At Inertia we are often asked what kinds of civil and structural engineering we do, to which we like to say – we do everything!

We are proud to have been working with Todd Wanless and Brett Crosby from Raw Metal Corp on the civil and structural design and inspection requirements of their multi million-dollar scrap metal yard upgrade in Wacol. This amazing project included the installation a European-made hammer mill shredder machine that aims to extract as much metal as possible from the recycling process. Thanks to this new machinery, Raw Metal Corp can also now make a car disappear faster than Nick Cage!

In a recent Courier Mail article, Mr Wanless explains the decision for the new machinery came after the State Government announced a new waste levy. “What I am trying to do is extract as much value as possible because I am going to have to a pay a levy on the waste (that has to be dumped).” However not only is it saving money, but it is also a big step for Australia towards more sustainable waste management solutions.

Inertia’s Civil Engineering Principal Calvin Kirk said “Finally seeing the Raw Metal Corp’s new shredder in action is awesome, who wouldn’t be impressed watching a full car body get torn to shreds and come out the other end in perfectly sorted grades of scrap! I love this sort of work; it’s always enjoyable coming up with practical design solutions and seeing the guys at Raw Metal Corp turns Mr Wanless’s vision into reality.”

“This is the fourth scrap yard upgrade I have been involved with now and they always come with several challenges which keep it interesting.” For this project the challenge was working on the foundation, slabs and stormwater designs all within an operational brownfield site. Mr Wanless and Mr Crosby also kept us honest with a requirement to produce fast results in an ever changing site environment.

At Inertia, we love working on projects that are outside the box and relished seeing Raw Metal Corp produce an improved facility that assists with reduction of waste going to the tip.