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Jason Ray Celebrates 5 Years at Inertia

Inertia’s business manager Jason Ray has recently reached 5 years as an Inertian. Over the years Jason has had an enormous contribution to Inertia’s culture, operations and growth.

In particular, Jason has played a pivotal role in maintaining Inertia’s culture as we grow as a business. “When I first walked through the doors, I could feel the warmth of the work environment that Scott, Dave and the staff had created. I knew that it would be important going forward to keep this feeling strong. This means making everyone feel valued and respected, and being given opportunities to find a work/life balance while being given support to grow professionally.”

One way he has achieved this is running an internal group called the Inertia Culture Committee, a staff volunteer-based committee, which organises regular staff events and develops ways to recognise both personal and professional staff milestones. It also helps that he knows his way around a BBQ and can cook up a feed for the whole team, as well as having vast knowledge of random facts that are able to stump all generations in his secondary role as Inertia’s Quizmaster.

Scott Clements commends the work that Jason has done, “When Jason first started, our firm was much smaller and vastly different in terms of our operations. However, the comradery and passion that existed back then has continued to stay strong throughout recent growth.”

Jason has also achieved many other accomplishments throughout his time here, such as setting up and managing the current IT infrastructure, implementing our Project Management, CRM and communication software platforms, and overseeing the set up of our financial structure. At the moment (on top of managing Inertia’s COVID response), Jason has been busy guiding Inertia’s Quality System towards ISO 9001 Certification this month!

Thank you Jason for a dedicated 5 years!