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‘The Inertians’ of 2020

Congratulations to the awardees of ‘The Inertians’ for 2020, Sean Stacey, Glenda Roden, Simon Byng, and Adam Iervese for going above and beyond in their roles last year!

Buildings Principal Sean Stacey took home the Inertian of the Year Award for being the employee who best embodies Inertia’s core values of respect, camaraderie, transparency, collaboration and recognition in every aspect of his life here at Inertia. Having only joined Inertia in early 2020, Sean quickly embraced our culture and has shown a passion for going the extra mile whether it is for a client, project or work colleague.

Digital Production Lead Simon Byng was awarded the Yoda Award, for being an excellent mentor and going out of his way to improve the people in his team and the systems they use. The time and effort Simon dedicated to his team throughout a challenging year has led to a more knowledgable and cohesive unit. He firmly believes that sharing knowledge is the only way forward, and as such, is very encouraging of others to continue learning and developing their skills.

If you’ve ever called up or visited our office, you would have met our Administration Assistant Glenda Roden, who was awarded the Peoples Champ Award! (yes based off everyone’s favourite WWE star). Glenda is relentlessly positive and extremely friendly to not only our staff but our clients and collaborators. She greets everyone with a friendly hello and a smile while helping us start the day on the right foot.

Lastly, the Sea Monkey Award was taken home by Junior Civil Engineer Adam Iervese. Like a Sea Monkey, Adam has shown a great amount of growth in his first year at Inertia and is constantly looking for ways to sharpen his skills. He is a very quick learner and has repeatedly demonstrated that he isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. It has been fantastic watching how much Adam has grown over the course of this year and we look forward to watching him grow from Sea Monkey to Sea Gorilla!

Congratulations to Sean, Glenda, Simon and Adam on their well-deserved awards!