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‘The Inertians’ 2021

‘The Inertians’ are Inertia’s annual awards that recognise and reward Inertians who have gone above and beyond in their roles. Each staff member has the opportunity to nominate their fellow staff who have made a positive difference to their year, and this year we had a record number of people 35 people nominated (some over multiple categories!).

*Drumroll please*

  • The Inertian of the Year is awarded to the staff member who has lived and breathed our five values of respect, camaraderie, transparency, collaboration and recognition. This legend is someone who is always going the extra mile in regards to performance, culture and delivery. This year’s Inertian of the Year was Kate Betteridge, Civil Designer.
  • The Back Pat (Yoda) Award is for the staff member who has proven to be a great mentor, actively seeking to improve the people and systems around them whilst staying cool calm and collected. The trophy for this award comes in the form of the wise soul himself, Yoda. This year’s Yoda was Michael Vagg, our Digital Production Lead.
  • The People’s Champ Award is for the staff member who is positive in all their interactions with all fellow Inertians, treating others how they would like to be treated. The trophy is none other than the WWE people’s champ himself, The Rock. This year’s People’s Champ was Ana Nielsen-Castro, our Marketing Coordinator.
  • The Sea Monkey Award goes to the staff member who has shown the most growth in their role, carrying with them an animalistic desire for learning and sharing knowledge. Much like the guidance and mentorship they received this year, their trophy comes in the form of real-life sea monkeys which they must now nurture. This year’s Sea Monkeys (we had a tie!) were Cadet Civil Drafter Honeylette Mia Ferolin and Graduate Structural Engineer Tyler Brown.

Congratulations to all our winners, all that got nominated and all Inertians in general for an amazing year. Any number of people could have won these awards and for that we are so lucky to have you all!