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International Women’s Day 2022

It was great to finally get together again and celebrate #IWD2022 today over a tasty morning tea.

Our Culture Committee came up with an activity to get our Inertians thinking about how this years’ theme of #breakthebias relates to us on an individual level.

After thinking of a woman who is a source of inspiration to us and why (whether that be someone in our personal lives or a public figure), we were asked to make a pledge on how we will personally challenge the gender bias.

We had some people write about how they will raise their boys and girls, others about ensuring everyone in a meeting gets their voice heard, and about calling out stereotypes when chatting to our mates.

It was great to see this activity spark some important conversations, in a workplace and field that is still so male-dominated. We now have these pledges pinned up in the kitchen, surrounded by photos of women who are a daily source of inspiration to us.

Thank you all for participating!