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Career Growth at Inertia Engineering: Stories of Success

At Inertia Engineering, we nurture talent, foster innovation, and provide opportunities for growth and advancement. Benjamin and Diego, members of our Greenfield team, are living examples of how commitment, mentorship and a passion for engineering can pave the way for remarkable careers.

Benjamin: From Senior Designer to Lead Civil Designer

Joining Inertia Engineering nearly three years ago, as a senior designer within the Greenfield Team, Benjamin has since been appointed Lead Civil Designer of the Land and Water Group. With over two decades of experience immersed in the design and delivery of large residential subdivision design, Benjamin now also has the challenging yet rewarding task of leading the team and designing engineering solutions, as his career broadens from a specialised area to a key leadership position.

 Benjamin’s insights into what sets Inertia apart underscore the company’s commitment to fostering professional development and nurturing talent. Benjamin shares,

“Inertia Engineering isn’t just a workplace; it’s a playground for engineering enthusiasts like us. It’s about being part of something bigger, collaborating closely, and leveraging diverse perspectives to achieve exceptional outcomes for both us and our clients.”

 Inertia Engineering values team members who are self-motivated, committed to continuous improvement, and capable of seeking innovative solutions independently. The Greenfield team fosters a culture of mentorship, offering numerous growth opportunities for individuals eager to explore skills beyond their defined roles.

Diego: From Cadet Drafter to Civil Drafter

Two years ago, Diego embarked on his journey in the industry as a cadet drafter, and earlier this year, he was promoted to civil drafter. Diego’s experience at Inertia has been underpinned by a commitment to personal growth and taking advantage of opportunities to learn, gain new experiences and be challenged.  Engaging in a wide range of projects – from small-scale water and sewer connections to a larger scope of road design and master planned developments has supported Diego, providing a greater understanding of how projects move from design through to delivery and client handover.

 Diego is eager to go beyond and push boundaries, “It’s crucial for individuals not to limit themselves to their job description; they should be enthusiastic about expanding their horizons. As a drafter, I don’t want to confine myself to my role; curiosity is essential. I aim to understand the broader engineering aspects, enabling me to provide valuable engineering insights to projects.” Benjamin highlights the recipe for success, which is very achievable early in one’s career.

“Diego’s journey is a testament to Inertia’s commitment to nurturing talent. The support system here is remarkable, but it also requires dedication and a willingness to seize opportunities.”

The team’s shared goal is to provide tailored design and drafting solutions for each project while maintaining a consistent approach. Benjamin’s secret sauce is his 20 – 50 – 80 Design Review, a regular project catch-up to ensure the team is reaching, and ideally exceeding consistent benchmarks.

Diego shares, “Our clients value that we maintain regular communication and get under the skin of their projects so that we can have a better-than-standard understanding and create solutions that work for them, their project, site, and finances. This reliability and creativity set us apart and fosters trust within our partnerships.”

The Beachside Project: Elevating Communities

Benjamin and Diego have had the privilege of contributing their expertise to a multi-faceted project in Hervey Bay, Beachside. This development epitomises the team’s willingness to go the extra mile for our clients to ensure that they can have confidence in the success of their project.

Aligning with Benjamin and Diego’s career aspirations, Beachside showcases the team’s ability to tackle complex challenges, transforming what originally seemed impossible into a reality.

 From geographical and environmental hurdles to a wide-ranging stakeholder network, Beachside’s appeal lies in its breadth and scale. The project spans various aspects of engineering, encompassing large transport infrastructure such as Department of Transport and Main Roads intersections, and integrated stormwater solutions including intricate water and sewer reticulation designs. This diversity provides Diego with a holistic understanding of project intricacies and bolsters his growth as a drafter.

Benjamin loves the early stages of projects like Beachside, where his strategic thinking and approach make a major difference to projects, by getting the fundamentals right from the beginning. Earthwork strategies and flood corridor management all benefitted from Benjamin’s extensive early-stage planning. Through meticulous efforts, Benjamin and the team managed to optimise the project’s design, resulting in an additional 250 lots, optimising the site and financial return for the client, without compromising on the project’s overall design intent.  Furthermore, Benjamin’s involvement in regular design reviews and value engineering has not only saved our client money but also enriched his own expertise.

Join Our Team and Define Your Success

The Greenfield Team at Inertia Engineering isn’t just a workplace; it’s a tight-knit community of engineers, designers, and drafters who thrive on innovation, diversity, and collaboration. Benjamin and Diego’s experiences are just glimpses of the incredible journey you can embark on with us. If you want to make a difference, shape the industry, and grow both professionally and personally, Inertia Engineering’s Greenfield Team is waiting for you. Your journey starts here.