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Nature’s Edge – Waterworks Road, The Gap

Located in The Gap, Adpen’s Nature’s Edge is a development of 10 premium townhouses that combines leading design, cutting edge technology and inventive use of space to create stunning homes fit for one of the city’s premier family suburbs. Being situated in a hilly area, this site has a 20% gradient which presents many engineering challenges such as being able to manage and control water, particularly during Brisbane’s storm season.

However, Inertia Engineering thoroughly investigated the site and analysed the possibilities and challenges of the site and its environment, including a full flood model and analysis. We then looked at how we could configure lots and develop a plan that would enable the developer to have a commercially viable development. The result meant that we had to widen the access road, but have created a solution that will ensure the development of stunning family residences. We also had to be very mindful of the way we managed services across the site, partially due to the gradient and also because of the deep planting at the front of the site. Preserving the trees that formed the boundary was essential to retain the leafy character that The Gap is known for.

Dave Kelly, Director and Principal Structural Engineer led the design for the sites retaining walls which formed the boundary between divisions. He used sleeper style designs that create strong, long lasting and safe change in levels between sites.


Description11 Lot Townhouse