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Brickworks Park – Mina Parade, Alderley

Alderley’s Historic Brickworks Quarry site featuring the Newmarket Brickworks Chimney is soon to be transformed from an indoor sports centre into one of the city’s most exciting residential developments, known as Brickworks Park.

Inertia is bringing our Civil and Structural expertise to the project to transform the 4.7 hectare site into 3 lots which will become highly desirable townhouses and apartments. This is a major development with external works & upgrades, four five-storey buildings totalling 171 units and 51 two-storey townhouses.

Geotechnically the site is intricate, not simply because of the presence of a 15m cliff, but also as the site is a former industrial facility, we will need to undertake soil remediation work to remove any historical materials and ensure that the site is clean and fit for purpose.

One of the other things the team is excited about is the retention of the historic chimney, which will become a fantastic feature of the development. Originally built in c1912, it is the only remaining brickworks on the site and we will be integrating this spectacular piece of Brisbane’s industrial past into its modern future.

We are looking forward to work alongside DMC Project, Rothelowman and City Developments Limited on this iconic new development.




DescriptionLand Subdivision and Residential Development

ClientHoko Mina Pty Ltd