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Volkswagen Macgregor

Inertia Engineering was engaged by DMC to provide civil and structural engineering services for the new VW car dealership and service centre, located at Macgregor. This project features a grand double story glass façade showroom within a contemporary layout including mezzanine offices, vehicle workshop and undercroft carparking.

Amidst challenging site constraints related to sewer and stormwater, a concerted effort was made by the project team to collaborate with neighbouring property owners which allowed Inertia’s engineers to think very differently about the most appropriate long-term solutions for the site. One key improvement to the design allowed for removing underground stormwater detention tanks and a high volume dual pumping system, in favour of a traditional gravity discharge.  The successful negotiation of easements within neighbouring properties not only streamlined construction, through removal of stormwater detention tank construction, but resulted in significant financial savings of approximately $300k and reduced ongoing operational and maintenance requirements.

Completionest. 2024

DescriptionCar dealership and service centre

ClientAuto Sports Group