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Wacol Station Road, Wacol

ESR’s Wacol Station Road Development involves constructing three new warehouses, internal roads, car parks, and essential amenities on a 7.5-hectare industrial site adjacent to the Rosewood rail line in Ipswich. This project aims to enhance the industrial infrastructure in the Wacol Industrial precinct, optimising spatial usage, and operational efficiency.

Through our comprehensive due diligence process, we identified that the site faces challenges related to overland flooding, as well as potential impacts from creek and Brisbane River flooding during major events. Leveraging our expertise in flood consultancy and civil engineering, our team developed effective solutions to address these challenges.

Our approach included employing advanced flood modelling techniques to assess the impact of re-directing the upstream overland flow around the proposed development, ensuring no worsening of impacts on the sensitive rail corridor, whilst maximising the development footprint.

We are pleased to have addressed these complex environmental challenges with our collaborative solutions and are eager to witness the realisation of this development’s full potential.


DescriptionRedevelopment of 3 warehouse buildings