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Handford Road, Taigum

This 102 lot subdivision for Heran Building Group (HBG) demonstrates our civil team’s ability to think strategically and execute large scale projects from concept through approval and into reality. After having managed the civil design and tender documentation process, our team is now responsible for onsite management with Calvin Kirk acting as Site Superintendent, and Daniel Gibson and Mick Briais managing the site works as Superintendent Representatives.  

Inertia received the approval for development with no RFIs from the council. On such a complex site this is a huge achievement and saved significant time, resources and costs in the development process. This is a testament to the hard work that our team undertakes when working on a complex project.

We also provided innovative solutions for removing and disposing of the cut material from the site, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. Because we are managing simultaneous projects with HBG, our team were able to create earthwork models to balance the cut from Handford Road to the fill at another nearby site on Stanworth Road. This has saved well over six figures when compared to costs of disposal and trucking in new fill, and also reduces the impact to the environment caused by haulage of material through the city.



Description102 Lot Townhouse Development