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Onyx Paddington

Inertia have recently worked with Graya and Joe Adsett Architects to deliver, Onyx, a stunning residence on Baroona Rd, Paddington in Brisbane’s inner west. This contemporary 5 bedroom family home occupies a narrow site and features many design elements that create fabulous modern residences while challenging engineers to innovate.

The design features multiple levels, large open spans, significant glass and a stunning rooftop garden and for us, the trick was to engineer the structure to meet the vision for the design. To do this we really focused on weight reduction and maximising the use of materials, so that we could achieve the spans the design required. Overall we were able to save 30% of the weight across the floors and the roof, meaning that the stunning spaces the clients created could be constructed.

We were also keen to ensure that glass was retained as a key feature of the design. Traditionally when utilising significant amounts of glass there is a compromise in the building’s design to achieve structural integrity. For Onyx we took an innovative approach that utilises steel frame bracing technology sitting within the walls and provides the structural integrity and inherent building strength required.

Through clever design and engineering, we have worked with the clients to create a bright, open, airy and livable home that will be one of the suburbs iconic properties. If you would like to know more about how we can help your project to succeed, please contact us.


DescriptionPremium Residence