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Plunkett Street, Paddington

This renovation of a character house in Paddington involved a raise, build under and significant two-storey extension to the rear of the property.  Early collaboration between Inertia Engineering and Graya Constructions (builder) resulted in a better structural design and easier build for the site constraints.

Minor adjustments to the lower level layout improved structural efficiency and saved on build costs without losing the architectural intent. The rocky ground was shallower than expected so footings were modified during construction to save money.

The existing building was strengthened to improve its performance and better align with the high expectations of today’s homeowner. Steel bracing frames were used at the lower level to minimise walls, enable large spaces and open plan living. Floor beams and joists were designed in the same plane to maximize ceiling heights with a flat finish.


DescriptionPlunkett St, Paddington

ClientGraya Construction