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Scenic Shores State School

Scenic Shores State School represents a milestone in community development and educational excellence in the Redlands region. This state-of-the-art campus provides essential infrastructure to accommodate the growing population and deliver superior learning experiences for students.

Inertia Engineering played a pivotal role in the Scenic Shores project, from initial design to construction phase. Using advanced tools such as Revizto, Bluebeam, Autocad, and Revit, we ensured seamless coordination and precision in our documentation processes, resulting in efficient project delivery. Our team collaborated closely with ADCO Constructions and Conrad Gargett Architects to deliver a comprehensive range of facilities, including learning areas, multipurpose halls, administration buildings, and outdoor recreational spaces.

Key Features:

• Learning areas for prep and junior levels
• Multipurpose hall and canteen
• Information and resource centre
• Music centre
• Administration building
• Outdoor learning spaces


DescriptionPrimary State School

ClientADCO Constructions