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Get off the wheel and celebrate

In our world we can often feel like the poor old hamster.

Our little legs pump away, and we spin and spin and spin, head down bum up as we deliver project after project.

Sometimes it really pays to get off the wheel and reflect on what we’ve done and where we are going. And halfway through the year is a great natural break, the end of financial year has gone, and we’ve got 6 months left before the calendar year ticks over.

So, what have been the highlights of our last few months? We asked the team to get off the wheel and let us know what projects they see as being the best of the best.

Box Hill Childcare, Melbourne

Inertia provided structural and civil engineering services for the development of a 4-storey childcare centre in Melbourne that has the capacity for approximately 198 children.

For us, this was a great project as it meant engineering lots of fun stuff. We engineered sand pits, water play areas, green walls, planters and best of all forts. While it was a great deal of fun, the extra mass of such items presented a challenge to the engineering design, but our team was able to provide some innovative design solutions which allowed for the landscape design to be kept with little alteration.


Midtown, Brisbane CBD

It’s not every week you get to work on what will be one of Brisbane’s new icons, but the Midtown Project is just that. Located in the heart of the CBD, the two existing 20 storey towers, with common 3 level podium will be re-purposed to achieve a through laneway, combined floor plate and extend to 26 stories. The completed development will deliver retail tenancies off the new laneway and up to 42,000 square metres of A grade commercial space.

Now that planning approval has been achieved, it is going to be great to see this project come to life as we add extra floors to an existing building and be part of a trend that will see innovative refurbishments give extra life to what would previously have been torn down.


Byron Street, Bulimba

A stunning new development of 7 residential apartments in Bulimba, this Michael Bailey designed project will set a benchmark for urban living in this leafy riverside suburb.

Responsible for structural engineering, we will be working to ensure the project runs smoothly and costa re mitigate in a challenging site. With a high-water table impacting on basement design and associated soft ground requiring screw piers or pilings, our team will be at the top of their game to mitigate the impact of these factors across the project life.


Whites Hill Village, Camp Hill

Retail is a growing sector for Inertia as we bring our skills and capabilities to a number of interesting projects.

Located in Camp Hill, Whites Hill Shopping Centre is being revitalised as a retail heart for the busy suburb and surrounding area as a $10million extension adds another 3,000sqm of lettable area.

Inertia was engaged to undertake both the structural and civil design and documentation plus construction supervision for the extension works.

It is great to see that retail and destination centres are once again being reinvented to provide excellent facilities for the local community.


Hari Krishna Temple, Seventeen Miles Rocks

Communities have long been centred around places of worship and Inertia is proud to be bringing a project to life for the Hindu community in Brisbane’s south-west.

The iconic Hari Krishna temple has been in the planning phase within the community for well over ten years and finally, it’s coming to fruition. Inertia was an integral part of the consultant team to help secure the planning approval earlier this year for ISKON.

Going forward, we will continue to play a lead role in the development of this important community institution and will project manage, design and supervise the construction of the temple from concept right through to completion.

We are just excited as the ISCKON community to see this temple beginning to take shape.


Land Subdivision, Redhead Street Doonladella

Inertia have built many new relationships in 2018 with one notable mention being with the McAndrew Property group. Under the lead of Calvin Kirk, Inertia Engineering are currently finalising the design of both civil and structural elements for the infill of 49-73 Redhead Street Doolandella.

Comprising 97 new townhouse split over 6 stages and complemented by a new dedicated 5000m2 public open space area directly adjacent to the site, this development ensures a blend of new homes with a spacious south Brisbane feel. In addition, infrastructure upgrades to Redhead Street and the construction of a new road due to the Reconfiguration of the Lot (ROL) are all part of the masterplan.

Inertia Engineering will be releasing the project to tender shortly for construction commencement in Spring 2018.

As with any major development, the team has worked tirelessly to tie the internal and external design timeframes together, while obtaining stringent approvals from the Brisbane City Council. We have also ensured that our work has taken into consideration local environmental factors, meaning stormwater designs do not impact a sensitive local area.


Meta Village, Buddhist education facility, Toowoomba

Transforming a prison to a place of spiritual learning is not something that often leads a client brief, but that’s exactly what we are doing to the site of the Former Darling Downs Correctional Centre.

Our partners, Pureland College Association are revitalising the former Darling Downs Correctional Centre to create a Buddhist education facility which will eventually spread over 48 hectares.

We have been involved with design of the upgrades to the Gore Highway, the new dual carriageway which will act as the facility’s access and the all civil and stormwater components of the education facility.

Detail design is still in progress and construction is proposed to commence early 2019. Meta Village will become a fine example of how an abandoned and unwanted facility can be completely repurposed to create positive and beneficial development outcomes.