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2020 Year In Review

We are engineers, so naturally, we love numbers…

When it came to wrapping up 2020, we did the only thing we could, we let the numbers do the talking.

Across 577 projects, valued at $980M, our team of Inertian’s have logged 1,875 site visits and have had 59 DA’s approved. We have designed over 750 dwellings like the stunning home at Abbott Street, and have created over 600 new land lots on projects like Parklands at Clarendon. We have moved 5625 swimming pools of rock and dirt and have added enough floors to scale Mt Kosciuszko twice and then some on buildings such as the worlds first zero cement concrete multi-storey commercial building, Alfred Street.

From a team perspective, we welcomed 14 new Inertians! This is substantial growth for a team of what was 30 at the beginning of the year, and a is a milestone we are very proud of. Another one that we are immensely proud of is 1 nomination for the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards for The Midtown Centre project!

We broke our record of events hosted, coming in at 14 events with 120 industry guests, including our virtual ‘Iso-Brews‘, our Straight Outta Iso series, and our Lunching for Locals series. This lead to working with 105 new clients and collaborators across this year’s projects.

Throughout the year we have been keeping in touch with you on our Linkedin through 106 posts and have more than doubled our following with 850 new followers.

Most importantly, we navigated through (and are still navigating through) 1 global pandemic!

Thanks to all our clients and collaborators for your support throughout the year and to our team of talented engineers, designers and business support who helped us achieve this year’s numbers!