Our Industrial Growth

With over 100 years of experience combined, our Industrial team has become our fastest growing team at Inertia. Formed in […]

The Inertia Wrap 2021

Each year we like to choose a word that we feel sums up the year that has been. This year […]

Hip Hip Hooray!

Congratulations to the following Inertians on their recent well-deserved promotions. Not only are these guys great at what they do, […]


What has been an incredible journey of growth, challenges, successes, brekky BBQs and trivia comps for over a decade at […]

Engaging Communities

Often in life, arguments are won by those who shout the loudest, not necessarily those who are armed with facts […]

The Transport Connection

Critical to the success of any city and region’s growth is transport. The ability to seamlessly and efficiently move people […]

The Cost of Car Ownership

When we think of car ownership, we think of the usual suspects: Repayments Depreciation Fuel Insurance Servicing But what we […]

The Missing Middle

The missing middle, first christened over a decade ago by Daniel Parolek, a California architect and urban designer, the phrase […]

How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is the answer to Gender Diversity in Engineering

Written by Kate Heliotis, Structural Engineer at Inertia Engineering Two weeks ago, countless industries around the world acknowledged International Women […]

Rethinking Dwelling Targets and Suburb Plans

As Queensland struggles to manage the availability of land, rising property costs and significant interstate migration, maybe it is time […]

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